Use odoo form in client action.

odoo form is powerfull, it let us create form simple and easy! but how we use form in client action? this plugin is used for this. to download a evacuate version.


When we use odoo to write client action, we often need to input some data. At this time, our best way is to use the modeling tool to generate a model, then use the odoo form, and then get the data through the form. However, odoo doaction cannot get the created record, and even if we can get it, we need to get it for the second time, so the best way at this time is to let the doaction return the created value, so that we can use it in the client action Using odoo's form system。

The way to use this plugin is as follows


we get form data form the on_close callback, all the data of the form is in the,  so, we do not need to get the data second time. the form is like the

download the plugin form here